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4. dubna 2008 v 10:27 | Petra Ratajová
FROM: Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slow/Slowness Hello, I hope you are well. Please forgive the round-robin email but sometimes writing everyone a personal note is just too, well, slow…. And how ironic is that, given that I'm emailing to tell you that the Slow Movement is about to take a great leap forward. Everywhere, people are finding new ways to put on the brakes - and finding that they work, play and live better as a result. Think Slow Food, Slow Travel, Slow Design, Slow Work, Slow Sex, Slow Sports, Slow Homes, Slow Parenting, Slow Research, Slow Music, Slow Email even. The Slow Movement has grown so much since my book came out that my personal website is creaking under the weight. That is why I have joined with some partners to launch a new site called Slow Planet that we hope will become the global hub for all things Slow. The beta version goes live on Friday, March 28th. We will add content and refine the design over the coming months, and we invite you to join the conversation about how both the site and the Slow Movement should evolve. The full launch date for Slow Planet is September 2008. Please visit and tell us what you think. Help change the world by becoming a citizen of Slow Planet! Slow wishes, Carl

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